Self-proclaimed ghost hunter recalls her childhood living in Aspen Grove

Aspen Grove ghost house

Aspen Grove ghost house

By William Sagar July 1, 2011        

The ghost legend of Aspen Grove has been covered by the Washington Post, but never quite like it has been by ghost hunting Sharon Day who asks questions of the paranormal. Legend has it a barefoot Union soldier was killed there. He’s been looking for his boots ever since.

Day recounts the first time she saw the chandelier shake. This was what made her do ghosts hunts as an adult.

Former owner Joanne McGregor said: “He’s a good ghost.”

Bob Garfield published in a 1996 Washington Post article about his time on the estate, claiming the ghost stories were the creaks and groans of an old house.

Today, the house is inhabited by Betsy Rutkowski. “We found out about the ‘ghosts’ after we made the offer,” Her stepdaughters and Sharon Day both felt a “ghost” touching them.

Day likes to check on the ghosts of her past. “My dream “Is to go there for ghost hunts…            (see more…)

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  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Will she ever go back, does anyone out there know her?

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