Ghost child
Ghost child




Q.  Do the guides actually believe the stories they tell?  Are they based on actual local lore, or simply made up by the tour company?


A.  I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re fun, however, sometimes the guide will dress up in creepy clothes and carry a lantern to try to make it more “spooky”.  You probably won’t see a ghost.  It’s great to hear the history of the places.

A.  I had fun when I went on a ghost tour, even if I didn’t believe the ghost stories; they were interesting and based on actual historical events.

A.  They’re real fun when the tourists have “psychics” in the group

A.  Very -  its even more fun to stay in the haunted places

 A.  Most places used for ghost tours depend on local folklore. The better the tour guide, the better the stories sound, and the more involved the…                  (see more…)

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