bio. logo“Celebrity Ghost Hunt” documents the work of world-renowned psychic Chip Coffey as he travels into the private lives of the famous, leading them on investigations into the mysterious and unexplained paranormal activity they’re experiencing. “Celebrity Ghost Hunt” premieres Saturday, July 2 at 10PM ET/9PM CT/11PM PT on BIO.

The special follows celebrities  as they explore personal brushes with the paranormal. Renowned psychic medium Chip Coffey, and his teams of  paranormal investigators, visit Eric — who claims to have seen the spirit of a woman in his kitchen — and Chris, who believes a tragic death on his North Carolina gold mine could be causing paranormal activity and interfering with the their pursuit of striking it rich. With Chip’s help, the celebrities go on a personal quest, determined to make contact and get answers.           (see more…)

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2 Responses to “Celebrity Ghost Hunt”

  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Not sure about this one, seen some poor comments about Chip Coffey.

    • Brayan says:

      I’m going to the Ghost Hunt on May 23rd. I really can’t wait to meet and iantseigvte with TAPS. I think it was worth the money becuase it benefits the terminal and you get to iantseigvte with TAPS. I really can’t wait until the hunt.

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