Personally, I am extremely sceptical of the events that occur on some TV shows, they look highly dramatised and unbelievable to me and not genuine paranormal activity, but despite this we have always been fascinated by the location of Pendle Hill and wanted to visit it to see for ourselves.

As we have discussed in other threads, we recently did a series of investigations at Pendle Hill in Lancashire. Some of these we did with ghost hunter Frank Watson who organises and conducts the Pendle Hill “A Haunting Experience Tour”. You can see their website about these events at

Read the full blog on the forum on Everything Ghost website, there are many other interesting locations for ghost tours discussed by the team.

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    • Ghost Hunter says:

      by GhostInTheMachine
      » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:03 pm
      I have to say that this has never happened to Tom in any of our dozens of vigils anywhere, very odd.

      The most memorable thing to me was on the hilltop itself, in the night, in that scooped out piece of rough land, and myself and Anita the medium saw a really incredible and very near meteorite fall from the sky, just as we were discussing the history of the hilltop and a sense of Pagan ritual about the place.

      I was having the idea of Pagans worshipping the sun and sky up there, as they would have done in neolithic times all the way forward to the Celtic days, and had the idea of someone standing with their arms open to the sky. Anita was perceiving a dark mass there, I felt of sacrifice, rather than pure evil just paganistic.

      At that exact moment when one of the historians was giving a talk, all eyes on her and I was facing the other way, this really bright ball of fire fell from the sky very dramatically, a huge ball dropping to earth and land on the hill top opposite the Nick of Pendle. It was like a shooting star but only a few hundred yards away, and a meteorite is much larger than most shooting stars. Only me and the medium Anita saw it, quite incredible, never seen anything like it

  2. Rajesh says:

    Usually, every major town and city will have a book about its ghosts puibhsled somewhere. You might be able to find a good book of ghost stories in the library or at the County Historical Society or something similar. Sometimes the writing is so-so, but what makes it fun is that you’ve actually BEEN to those places.For some reason, the book about the ghosts of Lincoln Nebraska sticks in my mind. Also, there was a book about ghosts in various British castles that was a really good one. Speaking of Lincoln, there are a lot of great ghost stories surrounding President Lincoln (and in the White House, in general). Hope that helps, and those shivers down your spine keep you nice and cool this summer!References :

  3. Gokul says:

    I remember the alrcite about the ghost Elke Sommers saw and it was described as an older middle aged man with a nose similar in size to a potato. There was a picture in the alrcite and it was a bit scary. Maybe someone died, was missing and buried on the property somewhere. It could be something for investigation! They say a ghost cannot be free if the body is not properly put to rest!

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