Ghost in chair at Falstaff Experience

Friday 13th provides best ghost picture yet!

Friday 13th is a famous day already but it got creepier this year. New evidence of the existence of ghosts was found at the world famous Falstaff Experience on Friday.

Guests on the ghost hunt managed to capture on picture the ghost of a man sat on a chair. The light anomaly on the picture shows a man in period dress seated on a chair suspended in mid air.

Guests also reported seeing a glowing pair of red eyes. The dress of the ghost on the chair appears very similar to descriptions of the notorious spirit John Davies who possessed Derek Acorah live on television in 2004 at the Falstaff Experience.

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One Response to Friday 13th provides best ghost picture yet!

  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    This was in Stratford-upon-Avon of course, a place I have visited many times. Ghosts almost as numerous as in Pendle Hill area!!

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