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This year, the State will introduce the scary-world of supernatural and ghosts!  A cultural festival where ghosts are the highlights of the event.

With interest in the supernatural spreading, and ghost hunting or paranormal tourism sky-rocketing worldwide, this may not be a bad idea at all.

Ghost tourism has boomed over the past decade; perhaps thousands of ghost tours offered on line.

Not many cities in the world today are without their spooky attraction, mostly in a form of haunted places. Perhaps it is time to call for a few ghost hunts and scare the life out of some tourists.

The fear of ghosts among the various ethnics in Sabah are kept alive through story-telling and folk tales.

A cultural festival that features ghosts, is a good way to understand the way of life of the ethnic communities.

 “We cannot escape myths of our communities that affect our way of life. Having a festival like this can clarify a lot of misconceptions, especially creatures like ghosts,”

Those who are familiar with the folklore in Sabah know that our cultures are steeped in the paranormal, with countless types of ghosts….    (see more…)

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