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Ghost Hunters Adam

Ghost Hunters Adam

 Last year, Adam Berry competed on Ghost Hunters Academy and won the opportunity to join TAPS and the cast of Ghost Hunters. We spoke to Adam in an exclusive interview about his experiences being a part of Ghost Hunters.

 Q. Gina: When did your interest in the paranormal begin and what brought you to try out for Ghost Hunters Academy?

A. Adam: I had things that happened in my home. I narrowed it down to a paranormal occurrence. I didn’t know you could investigate the paranormal until I saw Ghost Hunters I learned the TAPS ghost hunting ways.

 Q. Gina: What has it been like to join the cast of Ghost Hunters?        (see more…)

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  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Ghost Hunters Gets Renewed for an 8th Season!!
    I just came across some news that the popular ghost hunting series Ghost Hunters has been renewed for an eighth season…

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