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Kris Williams - Ghost Hunters Int


Q&A with investigator Kris Williams


Danielle Turchiano  LA TV Insider Examiner   July 6, 2011

Ghost Hunters International isn’t about whether or not paranormal activity exists.

How did you get involved in this line of work?

K.W.: I had always had an interest in the paranormal, I was offered the ghosts hunts job.

Were there more challenges

K.W.: There was, it wasn’t just us walking into a building, ghost hunting,

 Is there anything your Ghost Hunters International team does differently?

K.W.: Ghost tours groups will have a psychic medium and tackle the paranormal as far as the equipment goes,

 Is there any famous historical place you’d love to take on that you haven’t yet had a chance to?

K.W.: I would love to visit the catacombs in France! I’m going there to check it out in general. If anything is going to happen, that is the place it would happen.

 Maybe next season, right, Syfy?  

Ghost Hunters International premiered on Syfy, July 13th at 9pm.         (see more…)


2 Responses to Ghost Hunters International

  1. Stan says:

    Hello my name is Tokey,I am new in Americas, please exalipn these vedios everone is playing? This isAmerican custom of the making of the friendships? Anytime, thankyou, and ghosts canbite many people do not know this, but some of the day I will bite a ghost back andit will feel much then sorryness

  2. Ghost Hunter says:

    Good on yah! If a ghost bites anyone then it deserves to feel much sorryness.

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