What’s with all the ghost-hunting shows?

There are three types of ghost hunters, it seems to me: rank con-artists, silly people and crazy people.

My guess is that the hosts of ghost-hunting shows hide the fact that they are in the first category by unabashedly courting people in the second and third categories.

Speaking of con artists, rank or sweeter-smelling, there is a current mania on basic cable for reality-based entertainments about people trying to make a fast buck.

A few of the hosts of these shows do seem to have a passing interest in educating viewers, if only as a way of parading their own expertise.

The best of these programs is History’s “Pawn Stars.”

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2 Responses to Ghost-hunting TV shows

  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Ghost-hunters – are there more than three types, have you been on our ghost tour, what are your views on this comment? Are you
    (a)a rank con-artist
    (b)a silly person
    (c)a crazy person
    (d)other (please state)

  2. Artyom says:

    Your friend’ sonuds a tad rude. When I am informed that my religious beliefs are delusional, I acknowledge that the person who thinks they are is delusional and I continue knitting my bungalow. It is one of the burdens that we must bear that whatever opinion we hold about anything, somewhere not a million miles away will hold a contrary opinion and feel urged by some spirit or other possible the Dark Angel of ID to deal with you the way Adolph Schicklegruober dealt with those who were untermenschen, but who lack the power to put their phantasies into practice, and so from the safety of the big rock of email, behind which they hide, they shoot fiery darts at their victims.Victims are advised to remain, cool, calm, collected, and to feel mighty sorry for the mental state of the benighted souls who cannot tolerate contrary opinions without fulminating, and spitting out a gobful of feathers and pins. Ignore them. They cannot stand being ignored, for they are little people, small minded, uncivilised, uneducated, and usually have extreme differentiated psychopathic personalities.

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