Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

She’s brought fresh spirit to the Royal Family – but Kate Middleton also has to shack up with some old ghosts.

Kensington Palace, where she lives in London with new husband Prince William, is rumoured to be haunted. And now bosses are opening up the historic home – first bought by King William III and wife Mary in 1689 – for a series of spooky ghost tours.

Stories collected in the warders’ log book over the years include numerous reports of screams, bumps and ghostly sightings

For four nights on the Halloween weekend, from October 28 to 31, tourists can hear all about the rumoured ghosts

A source said: “For years now there have been rumours about Kensington Palace being haunted. In the evenings, the place has an atmosphere all of its own.

“There are lots of strange and unusual stories which the warders have logged over the years. There are bumps in the night and that kind of thing.

It’s fascinating stuff and not for …”      

Kensington_Palace,_the_South_Front, home of Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Kensington Palace - south front




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  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Did any ghost hunters out there visit William & Kate’s home at Hallowe’en? Please share your experience with us.

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