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Rocky and Mayur are on a spooky trail with ‘India’s Most Haunted’. This show is their quest to decipher the world of the paranormal, writes Nafeesah Ahmed
Ghost hunters: Rocky and Mayur in a still from ‘India’s Most Haunted’.There are hunters and then there are ghost hunters. And by the end of my tete-a-tete with the ghost hunting duo, abound with stories of the paranormal and inexplicable tales, I knew that I was in for some sleepless nights. Best friends, business partners, co-anchors of the popular show Highway On My Plate, and now ghost hunters, Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma don’t need any introduction.  India’s Most Haunted, a new reality series launched by NDTV Good Times, fuels their quest to decipher the world of the paranormal and supernatural, taking them to myriad haunted locales with untold tales of the feared and the unknown. “Stories of the supernatural are part of the very culture and fabric of our country,” says Mayur, “everyone has some story or legend to share.”    (see more…)

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  1. We loved your website so much we added it to ours

  2. Dell says:

    That’s the best asnwer of all time! JMHO

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