Whilst visiting Clitheroe market the other day I stopped to look at the work of an artist named Harry. Harry regularly stands the market and his paintings are proving popular with the people of the town. Most of Harry’s pictures feature Pendle Hill somewhere in the composition. Then again, why should they not for Pendle Hill looms large over the town of Clitheroe.

Most of the pictures feature Pendle Hill bathed in sunlight but others show Pendle Hill as a dark and brooding hulk but wherever you walk in Clitheroe, Pendle Hill is never far away and, on turning most corners what is the most impressive thing you see?…

…Yes, you are right, it’s Pendle Hill. (ok so there is Clitheroe Castle too)

So, the next time you visit Clitheroe make your way to the market and take a look at Harry’s paintings, especially those featuring Pendle Hill. If you look closely you can imagine Demdike or Chattox of Pendle Witches fame climbing to the summit in 1612.

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