Malkin TowerPublished on Monday 1 August 2011

YOUNG archaeologists from Blacko Primary School were looking to unearth some interesting pieces of history when they dug up their neighbour’s back garden.

Eight pupils along with teachers and members of Barrowford Archeological Group excavated an area of Malkin Tower Farm, Blacko, where they believe famed witch Demdike to have lived.

Next year marks the 400th anniversary of the Lancashire Witch trials of 1612 and pupils have been studying the history of the area – which of course incorporates the witches.

The children wanted to find evidence that supported their story that suggests the witches were innocent of crimes put to them – for example theft, and believe they were targeted because of religious beliefs.

We have been teaching the children to understand the different stories about the Pendle Witches.

A more thorough and deeper dig was required, they did find pieces of charcoal and iron.

“The site has been measured from a fixed position so in years to come we can come back and try again.”

archaeologists at MalkinTower home of Pendle Witch Demdike

archaeologists at MalkinTower home of Pendle Witch Demdike

2 Responses to Malkin Tower home of Pendle Witch Demdike

  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Please Miss – May I come to the next dig?

  2. Alison H says:

    Thanks for that Frank! As you know we stayed at Malkin Tower Farm earlier this year and did some vigils there, and I would highly recommend it. I personally do believe it is the correct site of the Demdyke home. Rachel, the owner has some convincing evidence. She did tell us she would organise this dig and involve the schools, what a great idea. Hope they unearth some more secrets in times to come. I too believe the witches were not truly evil and dangerous, but ignorant & niaive victims of religious and cultural intolerance; a true “witch trial” in both senses of the word.

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