By Morgan Tait and Doug Laing | 26th May 2011

The international crew of ghost hunters secretly filming at Napier Prison have been condemned as “gauche” by local Maori activists.

The prison is the site of several hangings, including that of famed Maori warrior Kereopa Te Rau, who hanged the missionary Reverend Carl Volkner, and ate his eyeballs.

Denis O’Reilly said the television series ghost-hunting at the Napier Prison was inappropriate. “Maori history and Kereopa should be treated with respect and that’s not what’s being done with the ghost busters here. 

 The group of about 20 Ghost Hunters International staff were reportedly attracted to the prison, which was open between 1862 and 1993, after reports of “strange sights and sounds, and the decision to let ghost hunters film was not taken lightly.

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2 Responses to Maori slam Ghost Hunters International as ‘gauche’

  1. Piaa says:

    So basically, you are codnnmeing (/judging) but are pawning off any responsibility for the things you say by saying you’re only the vessel for his messages. I find that very immature. I speak with god daily, he gives me messages, but I figure that he will give a message to someone else if they need it. God hasn’t given you any messages, you’re just repeating what you hear and read. And also, the bible is just re-written stories from more ancient civilizations. Do your research, I have!

  2. Zara says:

    The Ghost Hunters (TAPS) are my heros. I’ve been watching them since there very first eposdie in 2004. I remember they started there headquarters in a trailer. My goal in life is to one day meet them and investigate with them.

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