Wednesday July 13, 2011 Travel Channel show visits W.Va. Penitentiary ‘Paranormal Challenge’ pits two teams against each other in overnight search for evidence of ghost activity

by Zack Harold Daily Mail staff

Charleston Daily Mail

Travel Channel show “Paranormal Challenge” visited West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville. The show has two teams of ghost hunters to see who can collect the best evidence of paranormal activity.

West Virginia Paranormal hunt for ghosts in the asylum.

The teams in the penitentiary overnight were each given a section of the building to collect paranormal evidence. Judges evaluate the evidence and their use of ghost hunting technology.

Host Bellay said they were fans of “Ghost Adventures,” ghosts hunts show and auditioned for “Paranormal Challenge,” a spin-off of “Ghost Adventures”.

“They’re returning to places they’ve found paranormal activity,” he said.

Bellay said he was serious about paranormal research three years ago, but interested in ghosts since childhood.

“When I was 2 or 3 years old I had the Ghostbuster packs,” he said. He rarely gets spooked

To combat ghosts, Bellay uses a Mel meter to hunt down paranormal activity, and haunted Moundsville gives off “bad vibes.”

Paranormal Challenge

Ghost hunt team

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7 Responses to “Paranormal Challenge”

  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Would anyone who watched Paranormal Challenge please tell me which ghost hunt team won.

  2. GregTorson says:

    Cool blog as for me. Thnx for enlightning this data.

    Greg Torson

  3. Panagiotis says:

    ive always bvevied in ghost but never saw one for my self till about 2 years ago so the first time i saw a ghost i was scared and in awe my cousins katie and zane saw it too i belive it was my moms mom and on july 2011 i saw her once more and i asked her if she was my grandma she took two steps across the kitchin and disapered. we resently moved in to a new house and me and my nefew have reson to belive that it too is haunted from a lady humming to people talking we have tried to debunck all the hapenings but got nothing .we watch Ghost adventures every time it comes on and now we also added paranormal challange to are list. brooklyn

  4. Sven says:

    I think she misses maknig videos about ghosts because it might be something she wants to do when she is older like a Paranormal Investigator, wait, does she wanna be a Paranormal Investigator?? Its kind of scary you know! Much love Sunshine xxx

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