Pendle Hill from Downham’ by Steve Liptrot  (click on this link to view picture)

This picture of Pendle Hill (not a pendle witch in sight) is the daytime equivalent of A Haunting Experience’s spooky night-time pic “Pendle Hill from Downham churchyard”  (below).

How do you think they compare? Please post your comments below.

Pendle Hill and its association with Demdike and the other Lancashire Witches has been the subject of countless photographs.  One of the best is the Snow Witch by Chatburn photographer, the late Jack Barnes.  The witch appeared in the snow on the Clitheroe side of Pendle Hill in the 1970′s.  Jack’s photo lives on, on the walls of many Chatburn villagers.

5 Responses to Pendle Hill from Downham

  1. Chris says:

    Will there be anything special happening for the 400th anniversary, at the moment all i have arranged is a witch walk from barley to lancaster and i was wondering if there will be anything going on that i could take my ladies to see many thanks, Dianthus.. Coven Mistress

  2. Ghost Hunter says:

    Pendle Borough Council have various events in the pipeline. See their website for ongoing details. Also the Duchy of Lancaster are opening the dungeon below the tower in Lancaster castle to the public.

  3. Chris says:

    ive just been told that the building that was recently uncovered “Malkin Tower” is to be flattened could you please enlighten me on this, thanks xx

    • Gabriele says:

      James Reynolds published a few coinlctloes of ghost stories. They’re supposedly true stories and folk tales from Ireland, but told in Reynolds own way. “Ghosts in Irish Houses” is by far the better of the two I’ve read (“Ghosts in American Houses” is the other one, but it’s nowhere near as good). Some of the stories in it are awesome! One in particular (“The Bloody Stones of Kerrigan’s Keep”) lists numerous incidents where people have encountered the ghosts, and many of said meetings were fatal. Makes me want to visit Ireland and try to find these places he describes (all except Kerrigan’s Keep, that is, LOL).And, of course, Jay Anson’s “The Amityville Horror” is marketed as a true story. Don’t know if it is in fact true, but let me tell you, if I’d moved into that house and half the stuff that happens in the book happened to me, I’d have been gone long before the Lutzes decided to split. Creepy. And even if it’s not true, it’s still a good read for someone who’s looking to raise their pulse with the printed word; it rose mine a few times, LOL.References :

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