Lightning on Pendle Hill from Downham churchyard

Pendle Hill from Downham churchyard


John McHale, Reporter

Police are appealing to Halloween revellers to stay away from a hill noted for its 1612 witch trials.

Pendle Hill in Lancashire has become a hotspot for thousands of visitors over the past few years, but police say this is now causing problems.

A spokesperson said the Ribble Valley Event Safety Advisory Group is coordinating a plan to control access to Pendle Hill following concerns expressed about the growth of the event, heavy traffic, alcohol-related disorder and the use of fireworks.

Agencies agreed the hill is not suitable for these types of activities involving such large numbers of people.

The main focus for previous gatherings has been the south-western slopes around the Nick of Pendle, and the road between the A59 at Clitheroe and the village of Sabden.

Lancashire Constabulary said the hill will be closed to parked cars, fairground rides and catering vehicles between 5pm on 31 October and 3am the following day.       (see more)

Pendle Hill trig point

Pendle Hill Summit

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  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    Should people be allowed to visit Pendle Hill at Hallowe’en: What is your opinion?

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