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A memorial statue commemorating “Pendle Witch” Alice Nutter, to mark the 400th anniversary of the Lancashire Witch Trials, is looking to attract the interest of national and international artists.

The outdoor sculpture is being commissioned by Roughlee Parish Council 

The idea was thought up by Coun. James Starkie who put forward the proposal to Pendle Council’s Barrowford and Western Parishes Committee, and sees Pendle Leisure Trust and the Forest of Bowland assisting on the commissioning panel.

Coun. Starkie said: “The vision is to create a lasting memorial for a past resident of our village. I’d been thinking about it for the last two years but started working on the proposal around three months ago.

Coun. Starkie said he was keen to raise awareness of the real story of Alice, who, in 1612, was imprisoned in Lancaster Castle on charges of witchcraft.

She had been seen at Malkin Tower, Blacko, on Good Friday in what was deemed a witch’s coven, and later hanged…                   (see more)


Noose on tree


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  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    If there are any sculpture artists out there who think they have a chance then go for it!

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