Tips for Ghosts Hunts

By Elsa Cook– July 5, 2011 Ghosts and Haunting

 Paranormal Old Pueblo

 Whether or not you believe in ghosts, recite a prayer of protection before ghost hunting, they are thought by some to follow you home!

 For the first-time ghost hunter:

 Ghosts can get angry

 When shooting a video or taking pictures, do not vision landmarks as being landmarks (houses, trees, etc) for the ghosts do not. Instead, look for possible places in which they usually can be found.

 NEVER go on ghosts hunts alone! You are safer in a ghost tour group.

 Do not show fear. It may be used against you. Easier said than done!

 Do not try to find ghosts or you will not find them. They are watching you, they will be observing you the whole time. Act like you don’t believe they are there, or your equipment is faulty.

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2 Responses to Tips for Would-Be Ghost Hunters

  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    If you read the complete article there are some more good tips, but no mention of calling Ghost Hunter!!!

  2. Simone says:

    Ok @butterfly10181 Ok well first of all nothing is gonna hpeapn , i will not believe this kind of s@%^t till it hpeapns to me , i personally believe that all of us who dont believe should go to one of those cribs and let us do it . uncut videos run cameras for 3 days and see what hpeapns , or do you think they wont let me see them . or maybe the people who can see them are the chosen people ????

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