'Twilight' Celebrity Ghost Hunt

'Twilight' Celebrity Ghost Hunt

Celebrity ghosts, Lil’ Martha, and ‘The Twilight Zone’

By Kevin McDonough     July 2nd

 If there’s anything more contrived than a ghost hunt, it’s a “Celebrity Ghost Hunt” (10 p.m., Saturday, BIO). The star of “Cyclops” joins a TV psychic medium to get to the bottom of some spooky doings at the Roberts abode. Roberts thinks he’s seen a female ghost in his kitchen. Professional psychic ghost hunter and “Paranormal” star Chip Coffey hopes to help Eric make contact and peace with his spectral visitor.

Apparently, Christopher Atkins has been haunted as well, a pesky ghost appears to be in the way of pay dirt.

It’s a delicate matter. I mean, how do you put it? “Sorry you’re dead, but could you move out of the way so I can get rich?”

Can Chip Coffey get past the ectoplasm to find the nuggets? Or will this simply remain Chapter 1 in the continuing saga of Christopher Atkins and the Mystery of the Haunted Gold Mine?                                                    (see more…)


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  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    This ghost hunter and ‘Paranormal’ star, Chip, is forever cropping up; has anyone seen the Celebrity Ghost Hunt programme?

    • Melu says:

      ghost hunting is real, in that it’s smetohing people actually do. Ghosts, on the other hand, are not real. I’d start at wikipedia, look up ghost, ghost hunter, etc. Stay away from ghost hunting sites they are not going to give you a neutral opinion, and shouldn’t be considered objective sources.

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