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 Fifty years ago, the actors, film crew and directors had recently left the area; “Whistle Down the Wind” was in the can. Excited school kids from Downham and Chatburn had acted alongside Hayley Mills, Alan Bates, and Bernard Lee. Worsaw Hill Farm at the foot of Pendle Hill had featured as the family home, but in-between takes, did anyone tell the true story of the Pendle Witches to these famous folk? Those of us born and bred around here were all too aware of their previous existence, and when Pendle Hill was covered in mist we always said it was the witches brewing. At least one local in 1961 remembered a witch who used to visit these Pendleside villages. But ordinary village folk didn’t discuss the paranormal then; Ghost Hunts, psychic nights, mediums and tarot were not in the common vocabulary like they are today.

Remember those carefree schooldays?Whistle Down The Wind

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