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Frank Watson – 27th March 2013



House at Lower Black Moss reservoir, Barley



Today has been quite hectic following the discovery of a 17th century house buried under a mound at Lower Black Moss reservoir, Barley in the heart of Pendle Witch country.  There was also the skeleton of a cat in the building.  People are believing that this could be the centuries lost Malkin Tower, home of Demdike an infamous Lancashire Witch. 

I have had a few media interviews by telephone where I explained to such as The Daily Mail, Irish Radio, Reuters  and a Toronto Daily newspaper, that the cat, if buried within the fabric of the building, would not have been placed there by a witch as it was to ward off evil spirits!!

Barley village is not without other very old houses.  One example of similar age near the reservoir is Darney’s cottage, this was saved in recent years from  from falling into further disrepair and is now inhabited. 

Demdike probably lived in a hovel, not even stone built, and survived by begging with other members of her family.  The site of Malkin Tower isn’t known, differing views place it in Blacko, Newchurch,  Sabden amongst others within the Pendle Forest area.

The exact location of the home of Chattox is also unknown, but believed to have been near Pendle Hall near the banks of Pendle Water.

Lower Black Moss reservoir was constructed in 1903; are people thinking that the house wouldn’t have been known to have had such an infamous resident only a hundred or so years ago?????             (see more)