“The Yankee Pedlar”, a supposedly haunted hotel about to fold after having been in business for over a hundred years.  Claire helps Luke pursue his dream of ghost hunting.  They take shifts wandering the hotel with a dilapidated EVP recorder in hopes of catching something for Luke’s website. 

Whether they are getting drunk and airing [...]

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This year, the State will introduce the scary-world of supernatural and ghosts!  A cultural festival where ghosts are the highlights of the event.

With interest in the supernatural spreading, and ghost hunting or paranormal tourism sky-rocketing worldwide, this may not be a bad idea at all.

Ghost tourism has boomed [...]

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The basic premise of the game is to use your phone to move around your environment, looking for ghosts and then catching them. The game will then begin and present you with a drop down map of the area and ghost locations. You then, in the time given, race to those locations. When you get [...]

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Fundraising Pendle Hill Challenge

Saturday, June 11 2011

Pendle Hill Challenge
Saturday 11 June, Pendle Hill
Join the Pendle 1000!

A POP concert is to take place on top of spooky Pendle Hill to raise money towards a new £500,000 base for a mountain rescue team.


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BY DONNA SHARPE 24 May, 2011 04:00 AM

THEY might believe in the Holy Ghost but members of the Morpeth Anglican Parish Council seem to have a different take on ghosts in their historic village.

In what has been described as “mean spirited” the council has asked Morpeth Ghost and History Tours owner Troy Murphie [...]

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Saturday 25th June 2011 Saturday 30th July 2011 Saturday 27th August 2011 Saturday 24th September 2011


Guided Clitheroe ghost walk with Simon Supper at the haunted inn Pendle Witch story Vigil on Pendle Hill Ghost hunt at the inn

To book for this ever popular event go to Book Online

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Friday 13th provides best ghost picture yet!

Friday 13th is a famous day already but it got creepier this year. New evidence of the existence of ghosts was found at the world famous Falstaff Experience on Friday.

Guests on the ghost hunt managed to capture on picture the ghost of a man [...]

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Ghost Voices Magazine

On March 24, 2011 By

Avid readers of Ghost Voices Magazine will see our latest advert.  Ghost Voices Magazine is the country’s leading publication on the subject of ghosts and haunting phenomena. It is brought to you by a dedicated team comprising of both believers and sceptics.

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