Ghost The Musical

On August 2, 2011 By

By Jody Thompson   Last updated at 10:34 AM on 20th July 2011

The classic 1990 paranormal love story starring Demi Moore and the late Patrick Swayze has been made into a musical and opened last night at London’s Piccadilly Theatre.

 The London stage version – like the movie – tells the story of Sam and [...]

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Celebrity ghosts, Lil’ Martha, and ‘The Twilight Zone’

By Kevin McDonough     July 2nd

 If there’s anything more contrived than a ghost hunt, it’s a “Celebrity Ghost Hunt” (10 p.m., Saturday, BIO). The star of “Cyclops” joins a TV psychic medium to get to the bottom of some spooky doings at the Roberts abode. Roberts thinks [...]

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By M’Liss Hinshaw | Published Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The woman bumped into me and the first thing I noticed was the five-pointed pentagram on her necklace, a possible witch. I was in Salem, Massachusetts, home of the famous witch trials.

I walked to the Witch Trials Memorial and passed shops offering [...]

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“Celebrity Ghost Hunt” documents the work of world-renowned psychic Chip Coffey as he travels into the private lives of the famous, leading them on investigations into the mysterious and unexplained paranormal activity they’re experiencing. “Celebrity Ghost Hunt” premieres Saturday, July 2 at 10PM ET/9PM CT/11PM PT on BIO.

The special follows celebrities  as they explore [...]

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 Which witches do you consider were the most notorious; Salem or Pendle Hill; 1692 or 1612; USA or UK?

Please let us have your comments in the box below this blog.

 Get a load of this, ghost hunters:-

 “Salem, Massachusetts is back in the news for paranormal reasons 319 years after [...]

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Ghost Hunting

Paranormal, Ghost Hunting

- The Psychic Biker Meets The Extreme Ghost Hunter

On-going TV project’s ripe for development.


6 x 60

8 X 30


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